Italy in the News: The Colosseum is falling, saving lives in church, bringing Mona Lisa home and more

Headlines from December 25-31 (ANSA) – Priests at the Pistoia Cathedral in Tuscany may soon be saving more than just souls as the church became the first in Italy outfitted with a heart defibrillator on Thursday….Read More (ANSA) – Premier Mario Monti said Italy was not following Greece’s economic demise despite its love of the country….Read More […]

Resolutions for 2012

I suppose it’s that time again.  Time to set goals and aspire to make more out of the upcoming year.  Of course I have the usual line up:  eat better, drink more water, get back in shape and be an over-achiever mom. But where’s the fun in that. Instead, I’m going for something I know I can’t […]