Solo Travel

By Kalina Davis   If you had the chance to travel on your own, would you take it? When I studied abroad in Rome, I was presented with an opportunity to travel by myself to Munich. It was an idea that scared me, one that was definitely outside of my comfort zone. My family back […]

Taking it Easy in Ireland

By Kalina Davis For years I dreamed of gracefully skipping through the rolling green hills of Ireland that I saw in movies and photographs. Unfortunately, things don’t always turn out the way you imagine them. There I was in those rolling green hills, but instead of majestically frolicking, I was running. And not just a […]

Learning from Other Cultures

By Kalina Davis  “Americans have watches, but they have no time; Africans don’t have watches, but they have much time.” These are words I heard from a local while I was in Zambia. They were simple words. But they were challenging words. What did they imply about the American culture? What did they imply about […]

Hidden Treasures

By Kalina Davis The scene in front of me looked like it belonged inside of a fairytale. It was a small cavern near the bank of a stream, covered in moss and other greenery. A hole on top allowed the sunlight to pass through, making drops of water glimmer. It looked like a dwelling for […]

Caution and Travel

By Kalina Davis His hand came through my window before I had time to react. My heart pounded and my body shook, but not a sound would come out of my mouth. No one else on the bus knew that I was in a fierce struggle for the protection of my memories. Okay, that’s a […]


By Kalina Davis His name was Julius. I noticed him almost as soon as we arrived at the orphanage. He was smaller than the rest of the boys, and he did not rush up to us as the others did. I greeted the others, and moved towards him as he walked slowly to the group. […]

Take the Jump

Please welcome Kalina Davis, she will be writing for us all summer long and sharing her passion for travel.  Drum roll please….   “If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try.” Wise words from Seth Godin. Traveling often leads to intimidating adventures, most presenting you with a choice. A choice to […]