Vernazza Update flood – mudslide before and after video

Video showing Vernazza before and after the flooding and mudslides. [youtube=] Probably the best footage from the center of town [youtube=] Cars from the upper lot being washed down through town.  Notice the water level, this is just the beginning of the flood, the water will rise to the second level of the house across […]

Italy in the News – Vernazza Update, An Ugly Christmas tree, The Pope Mobile on the Move and much more

Headlines from the week of Dec 4-10 (OLT) – Today Save Vernazza founders Michele Lilley, Ruth Manfredi and Michele Sherman spent the day in Vernazza with a CBS reporter…. Read More (ANSA) – Rome, December 7 – The mayor of Rome has decided to remove a giant papier-mache Christmas tree from the center of the city because […]

Versatile Blogger Award

I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by Sam at TwoBlackDoggies and then again by Nicole at Cultural Comments. What a compliment!!  Thank you so much ladies, it really means the world to me. And speaking of the world, I found out how much a handful of people can make a difference.  October 25 severe flooding came to my special little […]

Venice – Bridge of Sighs restoration done at last.

Three years ago Venice thrust itself into controversy during its restoration on the Bridge of Sighs by selling advertising on the space that covered the bridge.  Many people felt it was an outrageous eyesore, flashy modern-day billboards detracting from the area. I don’t know about you, but I’m not sure something colorful and catchy is any worse than piles of scaffolding obstructing […]

Italy Travel Planning Packages, including Cinque Terre|Vernazza Special

Travel Planning Packages and Specials As an Italian travel planner, I will meet your individual expectations while helping you avoid common pitfalls. My experienced information will help you save time and money. Everything I recommend has been tested by me personally. All reservations and reconfirmations for accommodations, car rentals and tours Reservations for major sites […]