Save Vernazza Posts Travel Advisor | What will be open after the flood clean up

Taken from Save Vernazza’s site.  Please visit here and donate to their efforts!! The list of restaurant’s did not copy well, I will be cleaning it up later next week but for now….. This page reflects the current state of affairs regarding Vernazza’s commercial activities, to best prepare the Vernazza bound traveler. Information will be […]

Cinque Terre Vernazza Flood Updates | Highlights from January

Some of the past week’s highlights include (courtesy of Save Vernazza): January 3, 2012:  New York Times article “In Liguria’s Coastal Hills, a Storm’s Fury Brings a Struggle for Restoration“is published, in which Save Vernazza is featured. January 3, 2012: Save Vernazza does a three part interview with Lise Betram of Cheo Vineyards, Vernazza’s only […]