Leaving Margin

By Kalina Davis   “Okay, first we go this way,” my roommate, Taylor said, taking charge of the group and walking with purpose. It was our second day in the magnificent city of Rome. My five roommates and I had gotten settled into our apartment, and were ready to take on the city. Our study […]

The Joy of Travel

By Kalina Davis   Despite the forecast that had promised clouds and rain, the sun was shining and the sky was blue. It was the perfect day. I leaned against the side of the boat and closed my eyes, letting the wind blow through my hair. There I was on a private boat tour in […]

A Roman Gelato Obsession

By Kalina Davis   Gelato. Italy’s masterpiece. And my weakness. Traveling to Rome presents such wonderful opportunities, but one thing that you absolutely cannot miss out on is the gelato. When I studied abroad in Rome, eating gelato was easily one of my favorite parts, leaving me at least five pounds heavier on my arrival […]

Hidden Treasures

By Kalina Davis The scene in front of me looked like it belonged inside of a fairytale. It was a small cavern near the bank of a stream, covered in moss and other greenery. A hole on top allowed the sunlight to pass through, making drops of water glimmer. It looked like a dwelling for […]

Freedom and Love in Florence

A copy of David has been placed in Florence, but not the beautiful white commanding David we know.  This one is lying down and painted black in striking contrast to the image we all treasure. In the aftermath of the attack in Nice, the Black David called Noi (Italian for us) has become a symbol […]