Rome Bans Eating Near Monuments

What’s next?  No drinking in Ireland? Rome’s mayor, Gianni Alemanno has decided to toughen rules about behavior on, around and even near the national monuments.  Apparently after a stroll through his city, Alemanno was horrified to see tourists and locals alike disrespecting places of important.  He swiftly laid down the law, no eating near any treasure. It’s […]

Italy in the News: Cruise ship sinks, survivors rescued and captain jailed, cannabis for dinner and free e-books

Headlines from the week of January 8-14 (Yahoo News) –  A helicopter on Sunday airlifted a third survivor from the capsized hulk of a luxury cruise ship 36 hours after it ran aground off the Italian coast, as prosecutors said they were investigating the captain for manslaughter charges and accused him of abandoning his ship….Read More […]