Carnival opens in Venice

Carnival began last evening and all of Venice has come to life with color.  Enjoy the video and photos below! Venice Carnival Canal Water Show Photos Courtesy of Carnival of Venice I’m obsessed with feedback, let me know what you think. Love it??  Pass it on! Copyright 2013   Andi Brown,  Once in a Lifetime Travel

Tornado Rips Across Venice Italy

As if worries about sinking aren’t enough. Today a tornado swept across several islands within the Venice lagoon causing damage to trees and boats but sparing lives. This link shows amateur video footage of the tornado from several different areas within the lagoon.  Click here. I’m obsessed with feedback, let me know what you think. […]

Cinque Terre Vernazza Flood Updates | Highlights from January

Some of the past week’s highlights include (courtesy of Save Vernazza): January 3, 2012:  New York Times article “In Liguria’s Coastal Hills, a Storm’s Fury Brings a Struggle for Restoration“is published, in which Save Vernazza is featured. January 3, 2012: Save Vernazza does a three part interview with Lise Betram of Cheo Vineyards, Vernazza’s only […]

Italy in the News: Vernazza clean-up gets attention, Blue Mozzarella, volcano eruptions and more

Headlines from the week of January 1-7 (Save Vernazza) – Vernazza gained needed international attention this week.  Read the article from New York Times here.  Don’t miss this interview with one of the founders of Save Vernazza, Michele Sherman, here.  Then a group of local and brilliant artists gave the village a much needed color boost.  Click here […]

Vernazza gets a splash of color

Vernazza is making more headlines with the following interview from CBC Radio that can been seen here. Local artists have also joined together their talents and are adding a much needed splash of color and life around the village.  Sometimes it is the little things that help lighten the heart and make going forward a […]