…she will make it happen.  If you aren’t sure…she will guide you.  Every place we stayed…all you had to say was ‘Andi’.




Dinnie & ValerieNew Jersy

Andi took all the stress out of planning and made us feel like locals with all of her tips and hints. The key to loving a vacation is feeling at home in another place, and Andi helped us achieve just that. Not to mention that this was our honeymoon, and Andi managed to keep our cost down and helped us create a trip of our dreams. We are experienced travellers and felt there was no way we could have planned a better trip to Italy ourselves. It takes someone who loves Italy as passionately as Andi does to plan a trip of a lifetime. Thank you so much, Andi!!!

Ben & AlyssaBozeman, MT

It felt like Andi was our guardian angel…encouraging, patient with our questions, and passionate about our trip.

Eric & AndreaGreensboro, NC

What a labor of love. I can’t wait to pour over every detail. You do such an absolutely amazing job, and your love for your work and Italy shines through in every word and detail.

Chris & JessDes Moines, WA

Every detail was taken care of and effectively described to us, so that we could THOROUGHLY enjoy the trip with our grown daughters. We could have done the advance work ourselves, but there was peace of mind knowing Andi had the background knowledge to guide us in decision-making matters. Likewise her enthusiasm for our itinerary sent positive energy our way– even before leaving!

We enjoyed the accommodations that Andi chose for us– centralized locations with considerations for noise, crowds, and quality; personal connections, and a genuine Italian experience without feeling like the tourists that we were!

I evaluated three different sites and felt that Andi’s personality was the best fit for us. When I emailed the references that Andi gave me, all three parties replied within an hour of asking for a response! Two of them even phoned to make sure I received their email and information. Also, we live 1.5 hours from Rick Steves’ headquarters and instead wanted a more personalized experience. We got that with Andi!

Jeff & JudyOlympia, WA

My husband and I were lucky enough to come in to contact with Andi in time for her to plan an amazing Italian honeymoon for us!  After speaking with her on the phone, she got a feel for what we wanted to do and see and put together a trip that was more than we could have ever hoped for or dreamed of. We spent two beautiful weeks exploring Cinque Terre, Cortona, and Rome where Andi set us up in quintessential hotels in the absolute best locations…with hosts that treated us like friends. She put us in contact with informative and exciting tour guides, reliable drivers with personality, and planned a number of fabulous activities including special luncheons, a wine tasting, and a cooking class.  It was a perfect mix between activities and down time to discover the aforementioned areas.  For our downtime, Andi provided endless suggestions of attractions, spots with amazing views, historical sightseeing opportunities, and, of course, tons of DELICIOUS restaurants to try.  Her customer service is over the top both before and during the trip. She made herself totally available to us while we were there in case we had any questions and, before we left, sent us countdown emails with tips on how to best prepare for our journey.  I really appreciated the organized (travel sized) binder she sent us before our trip with everything we could possibly need inside.  Everything from common phrases to use, a suggested packing list, cultural norms, how to use the trains, our detailed itinerary, any contact information we might need…I could go on and on! Truly this trip left us with our hearts full of love for this amazing area that we were able to immerse ourselves into thanks to Andi’s talent and knowledge of the area.  You can feel her excitement and passion for this beautiful country as she plans your trip with the same care that she would plan her own.  I would highly recommend getting in contact with this fabulous woman and letting her plan your trip to Italy. You will enjoy every second… the only problem is that you won’t want to leave!


All in all we were wowed with every single place and can not thank you enough for everything.  We feel so incredibly thankful to have come into contact with you.   We have been singing your praises and handed your cards out to a few friends who are toying with the idea of an Italy trip so you might have a few more Bakersfield clients coming your way.  THANK YOU THANK YOU one million times thank you.

Matt & HilaryButtonwillow, CA

The planning book was very thorough and detail orientated at every step of our complex trip.  We felt like you were traveling with us.

Jeff & LevinaPlaya Vista, CA

What a gift to have had such an uneventful travel experience in that everything ran so smoothly and wonderfully…you really personalized for us and made this trip a dream

Bob & CarinAlbugqerque, NM

There wasn’t a place to stay, or a site to visit, that wasn’t perfect…We couldn’t have had things go more perfect, and we so appreciate everything you did.

Brit & ArlenePort Orchard, WA

We were extremely happy with how our trip turned out. I was always used to planning our own trips, and I cannot say how nice it was to let someone else take care of the arrangements, from booking a car, providing us with daily touring ideas, restaurant ideas, and continuously communicating with hotels to get room upgrades. Prior to our departure, I really appreciated the interactive travel planning experience Andi provided. She sat down with us and obtained a lot of specific information about our expectations. We spoke frequently in the months leading up to the trip to fine-tune what we really wanted in terms of places to see and accommodations. Andi was able to come up with several options that fit our budget and our lodging expectations (small, boutique hotels, with luxury lodging and services). The hotels all turned out to be amazing experiences. I was also very pleased with the touring recommendations Andi gave us. Since we had a car, she was able to refer us to some areas that were really off the beaten path, and not found in any guide book, including some great restaurants that turned out to be among our favorites. One of our best days, however, was a private tour of Rome’s ruins. While I had visited Rome before, the tour gave me a whole different perspective of this amazing city. The tour lasted all day, with a very congenial and knowledgeable guide, and was an excellent value. With just my husband and I as the only participants, we were able to ask unlimited questions, getting extremely informative responses, resulting in a much needed and overdue history lesson on Rome’s imperial period. When we plan to visit Italy again, Andi will be the first person to whom we will turn for guidance

Brad & LeighKirkland, WA

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