Vernazza Six Months Later

CBS feature on Vernazza

Here is the long awaited footage that aired on CBS

Cinque Terre Flood:  Vernazza Relief Video

I put this video on youtube to try and spread the word and inspire people to help with the immediate relief efforts and restoration.

Contact me with any questions

Video showing before and after shots

Probably the best footage from the center of town

Cars from the upper lot being washed down through town.  Notice the water level, this is just the beginning of the flood, the water will rise to the second level of the house across the street within minutes.

The same view, but now the water has risen dramatically

Again, the same view but now the morning after the flood

The town’s bus from the upper parking lot being destroyed

For anyone who has never visited Vernazza, this video was taken several months before the flood.  This is one reason I fell in love with this place.  Thank you Rick Steves for sharing!

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