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I am passionate about helping people create vacations that are perfect for them through personalized travel planning, itinerary review and small experience focused tours. My services put an emphasis on the experience of Italy, getting my clients away from the tourist crowds and into the heart and soul of the people. I believe in working with family run businesses at great locations with attention to the details. If you can dream it I can make it happen.

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Travel Planning

If you are dreaming of that Italian getaway but don't know where to start or don't have the time to sort it out, let us make it easy for you. Whether you are starting from scratch or just need to fine tune your plans, our experienced information will help you save time and money while creating a vacation you will never forget.

Custom Tours

Fully guided, all inclusive tours for women. Our small and safe groups are limited to 10 wanderlust filled people. We focus on authentic experiences and inspiring connections. Come rejuvenate, explore and indulge. Come find yourself.

Itinerary Review

Already have your dream vacation planned but you still have questions? We would love to help with your upcoming trip and give you critical tips to make things go smoothly. We offer custom itinerary reviews for do-it-yourself travelers. Schedule your consultation and get a head start on an incredible trip.

What My Clients Are Saying

Andi created a fun-filled, educational itinerary. I simply would not have known many of the small towns to explore and what they had to offer, and as you know, research for travel can be very time consuming. From my perspective, the less touristy areas are far more intimate and interactive, and the people charming. Additionally, it was relaxing to not worry about connections, hotels, and places to eat.
PattiLas Vegas, NV

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Andi Brown


Andi Brown | Owner
Travel junkie and Italy addict.



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  • Personalized Advice
  • Travel Guide
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  • Itinerary Review

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  • Phone Consultation
  • Personalized Advice
  • Travel Guide
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