8 Most Haunted Places in Italy

Halloween is here and how better we to celebrate than exploring the 8 most haunted places in Italy. Enjoy, if you dare. 1. Poveglia Island – Venice As if hosting 160,000 plague victims wasn’t enough, this island was also home to an asylum for the mentally ill ran by a doctor with a penchant for […]

Dream Destination Terme di Saturnia

Living in Montana, I have the luxury of enjoying natural hot springs all around me. So, the day I saw a photos of some of Tuscany’s soaking spots I knew I had to go experience these first hand. My quest became my dream destination Terme di Saturnia. While this hot spring is not a secret, […]

Uber Controversies and Recent Bans

Uber has been a controversial name in the news as of late. As more and more legal and safety allegations arise, resulting in bad publicity, suspension, or banishment, Uber faces pressure from all sides. The company, a part of the sharing economy and riding on a fine line between a communication platform and a taxi […]

Pictures to Inspire Travel to Italy in the Fall

Italy is always beautiful, but when the yellows, oranges, and reds of fall are added in, the results are breathtaking. Drives through the Tuscan countryside, tours of vineyards, and walks through parks are enchanting experiences during the autumn season. Here are a few pictures to inspire you to visit Italy in the fall. Who we […]

24 Hours in Rome

Rome. The Eternal City. Una bella città. It’s what dreams are made of. This iconic city is overflowing with culture, history, and beauty just waiting to be experienced. Its vastness is striking to those who walk through its streets. Even after living there for four months, I came nowhere close to fully knowing what Rome […]

Bring Italy to Your Kitchen | Tiramisu

Before going to Rome, I had never tried tiramisu. And honestly, I’m glad I didn’t have any sub-par American version beforehand because this rich Italian dessert deserves to be experienced in its homeland. Finding Rome’s best tiramisu became a mission for my fellow study abroad students and me (which, on a side note, can be […]