10 Useful Travel Gadgets

As our world gets more and more technologically advanced, more and more items are produced to make our lives easier. Fortunately, travel is one area that these modern gadgets are directed at. Products like speaking global translators, video recording sunglasses, and smart suitcases are innovative ways of making travel more convenient and less stressful. Beyond […]

How to do Laundry on the Road

Laundry is a chore that many people dislike, and it’s a chore that most people want to leave behind while they travel. However, doing laundry on the road can free up space in your luggage for other valuable items or souvenirs. Thankfully, there are several ways to do laundry while you travel for a variety […]

4 Ways to Avoid Tourist Traps

It’s no secret that there is a tourist stereotype. Wide-eyed, map-bearing, American-flag wearing visitors are easy to pick out in other countries. Tourism forces around the world have picked up on this stereotype and have pounced with their sales tactics, eager to make the most money off of foreign visitors. If you have any desire […]