Uber Controversies and Recent Bans

Uber has been a controversial name in the news as of late. As more and more legal and safety allegations arise, resulting in bad publicity, suspension, or banishment, Uber faces pressure from all sides. The company, a part of the sharing economy and riding on a fine line between a communication platform and a taxi […]

10 Best Airports for a Long Layover

Many people’s least favorite part of traveling is the airport experience. This experience seems doubly worse when a long layover is added to the equation. Hours of loud people, uncomfortable chairs, and sketchy Wi-Fi is far from ideal. However, the travel industry is picking up on this, and as a result, there are airports around […]

Finding the best flight to Italy | or Anywhere in Europe

Still struggling to find the perfect flight to Italy or another location in Europe? We now offer bundled booking options to Italy and beyond that just might save you a chunk of change.  Call 406-570-9393 or email andi@onceinalifetimetravel.com for a quote. Airline tickets.  Hands down the most agonizing, frustrating and stress inducing piece of planning […]