Cinque Terre Flood: Assistance from Italian Notebook

daily doses of ItalyMany people have been coming together to help the people of the Cinque Terre over the last week.  I wanted to thank the Italian Notebook for being a part of this.  As you already know from previous posts, I am a huge fan of theirs.

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I want to add a thank you to the readers as well.  Late last night I read the many responses as was touched by them.  Many of you are committed to continue with your plans for travel to the area to support their tourism, their life line.  Heartfelt appreciation to those that have or will donate for the immediate situation.  Check in on the Italian Notebook as they have added more information on the other towns who have been just as tragically effected.  Arbaspaa, a tour operator for the region, has frequent updates on the situation on their blog.

Currently the residents of both Monterosso and Vernazza have been evacuated as a precaution against the oncoming storms over the next few days.  Up until this point there has been a tremendous amount of progress.  Nicole of Cultural Comments has the latest photos and information on her blog.

As of this morning, Genoa has now been hit with flooding.  You can read more about the situation on Come To Liguria.

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