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Must Have Gelato Flavors in Italy

Those who travel to Italy will have many things to say about their favorite parts of the experience. Some will say it was the incredible art and architecture. Others will say it was the natural beauty of the country. Still others will say it was the charming people and culture. But there is one thing that makes it onto just about every traveler’s list of favorites: the gelato. The creamy and refreshing dessert is incomparable to anything the U.S. has produced. That being said, when you travel to Italy, you’ll want to take advantage of this special treat. But what flavors should you choose? Well, it’s hard to choose a bad flavor of authentic Italian gelato, but there are a few popular flavors you’ll want to try during your visit such as chocolate (cioccolato), strawberry (fragola), and lemon (limone).

italy travel planning planner consultant guided tours women online workshop

When I studied abroad in Rome, eating gelato practically became part of the daily routine for my friends and me. Because we had it so often, we had a chance to try a wide variety of flavors from tasty cannoli-flavored gelato to the delectable coconut and white chocolate flavor. After four whole months of eating gelato, I decided to ask my friends what their favorite flavors were. Below are a few gelato flavors that come highly recommended for your next visit to Italy.

1. Stracciatella.

“My favorite flavor was stracciatella because of the mixture of vanilla gelato and hard chocolate chips. It was unlike anything I have tried in America, and the overall quality of the creaminess makes it so good.” – Sarah

italy travel planning planner consultant guided tours women online workshop

2. Pistacchio.

“My favorite was pistachio because I liked the Italian pronunciation of it, and it was the perfect combination of salty and sweet.” – Taylor

3. Lavender.

“My favorite flavor is definitely lavender. The sweet and soft flavor was perfect with the creaminess of the gelato. It was a perfect snack for a warm afternoon in Rome.” – Alli

4. Raspberry (Lampone).

“My favorite was raspberry because it’s my favorite fruit, and I loved the citrus flavor in the gelato. It was so refreshing, especially when it would be hot outside.” – Ben

5. Pistacchio (again).

“Pistacchio! I’ve always loved the nuts, and the gelato flavor is just perfect.” – Alana

italy travel planning planner consultant guided tours women online workshop

6. Tiramisu.

“I always did at least one scoop of tiramisu because my goal was to determine the best tiramisu gelato in all of my Italy travels. I had never consumed tiramisu before Italy, and it was just about the greatest dessert I had ever eaten. Plus, the endless gelaterias allowed me to eat a ‘new tiramisu’ every time I got a cono piccolo (small cone).” – Jonathan

7. Strawberry and Sour Green Apple.

“My favorite flavor was the strawberry and sour green apple. It was a nice balance between sweet and sour. It tastes like smooth, frozen jolly ranchers with this incredible burst of flavor!” – Aubree

8. Hazelnut (Nocciola).

“My favorite was probably nocciola because it was just a different chocolate that was delicious and constantly good everywhere you went!” – James

italy travel planning planner consultant guided tours women online workshop

Well, there you have it. A list of some of Italy’s best gelato flavors that you’ll want to check out as you spend your trip in the many gelaterias that Italy has to offer. Buon Appetito! ~Kalina Davis

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