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Trattoria da Sandro Open Again | Vernazza

When people ask me where my very favorite restaurant in Vernazza is, without hesitation I say Sandro’s.  It is one of the only restaurants without a view of the harbor, but that doesn’t keep it from being packed every evening.  The crowd Sandro’s draws is also important:  locals and Italians.  Going where the locals go has always been my secret for finding the best places and I wasn’t disappointed here.  So much so that almost one year ago I placed it on my Top Ten Favorite Places to Eat list.

The village of Vernazza

But when the floods hit Vernazza last October, I was afraid Sandro’s would be lost for good.  This restaurant was one of the hardest hit and the owner barely escaped with his life.  The location of the restaurant and the way the kitchen was set up meant a difficult clean up and recovery.

This hardship makes announcing Trattoria da Sandro’s re-opening even more exciting.  If anyone is getting ready to travel to the Cinque Terre, make sure to stop by Vernazza and spend an evening here.  Let them delight you!

For the most recent photos from Trattoria da Sandro, I invite you to my blogging friend’s mouth-watering article at Cultural Comments.  I have been trying not to be too jealous of Nicole, but come on!  Those photos are just NOT FAIR!

vernazza cinque terre
Courtesy of Cultural Comments. And I’m not jealous at all. Really.

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  1. Our Kitchen Inventions - 2012-09-26 at 5:47 am Reply

    It’s so exciting to know that one more local business has reopened. That must be amazing, to survive that crazy flood, and then have to spend so much time and energy in the restoration of your livelihood. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Judy King - 2012-10-22 at 4:37 pm Reply

    Just ate at Da Sandro’s twice on our trip to the Cinque Terre a couple of weeks ago. It was fabulous!

    Glad they recovered!

    I gave them a good review on TripAdvisor and on my website: http://www.snapeasytravel.com

    Definetly my favourite in Vernazza!

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